DESTINED TO FLY showcases F-Clef’s (Femiclef) vocal prowess as he motivates listeners to shun the things that put them down but believe in the inner strength that only God can give, mount up with wings as eagles and fly. The song reminds us that we are all born to reign, and that nothing in this world can stop us if we’re determined. So it’s time to spread your wings and fly. Soar!


Fly, fly, fly, fly

Verse 1:
I’m born to reign
to takeover the world
but oppression weighs me down
depression makes me frown
My time is here
I can feel it in the air
I’m no longer bound
I am off the ground!

Chorus: – 2x
I’m Destined To Fly
Fly – 3x

Verse 2:
You wanna smile
Trials make you cry
You wanna touch the sky
But you fall whenever you try
I can hear the voice
Saying it’s your time
Speaking to your life
Get up now and Fly!

Chorus: – 2x

Bridge: -2x
I’m gonna fly to the sky
Nothing’s gonna stop my star to keep on shining
360 turnaround
Nothing’s gonna stop me now

I’m Destined To Fly!
ooooh ooooh ooooh


Fade out

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