Prolific singer and songwriter FemiClef (F-Clef) returns with a new single titled NUMBER 1 OGA. This tune will set you up your feet and also help you to flashback on memories, how God saw you through life . Even if everyone around you gives up on you. God never gives up.  


Verse 1
I used to be rejected, everywhere i go, them dey ask me “who be my papa”
Se o mo president?
Se o mo governor?
Nobody was ready to help my matter
I was dejected, i was frustrated
I almost give up for life matter
Then i met one man wey tell me say
For my shame , he go give me glory
I think say na scam, no be play
Baba loke don change my story
This is my song, this is my story
Resp: Story ,story
I give you the praise, i give you the glory
Resp: glory, glory o
Everybody come 2×
Everybody come and hear me sing
You be my number one Oga
Resp: Oga , Oga
My number one Oga
Resp: Oga, Oga
I call you my number one Oga
Resp: Oga, Oga
Number 1 Oga lyrics by Femiclef (F-CLEF)..
Verse 2:
Come and see , come and hear my song
Praising my savior, all the day long
Goodness and mercies dey follow me
Ire ati Aanu, e sa maa t’ele mi(let goodness and mercies to keep following me)
If i like i go dance gala, Anyhow i go do shakara
If i like, i go play my guitar, anyhow i go do yanga
Alpha, he’s the one that brought me this far
In a twinkling of an eye, he made me a big super star
Now everybody wanna take a shot on their camera
Not by power, not by might
By my spirit, says the father
The son of a king is a king,
Anytime i sing, the devil has no choice than to sink.
The son of a king is a king,
Anytime i sing, the devil has no choice than to sink.
Bridge: call him Oga
Resp: Oga
Father mi, Master mi
Oga wey no dey sleep, Oga wey no dey die
Oga wey no dey lie o, i trowey salute o
Under the ground, above the sky,
Under the sea, more than what i can see
He can never change, he can never fail
You’re bigger than
You’re bigger than all.

One thought on “NUMBER 1 OGA”

  1. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    I give you the praise!!!!
    I give you the glory!!!!
    Glory glory ooooo!!!! 💃💃💃💃

    This is just the beginning of greatness and Favor in your life #femiclef#

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